editorial design


»Being a woman in the 19th century« – The fascination for an era in which women carried a tonne of material on their body and in the »home sweet home« for husband and children laboured, is large. Has anything, with the exception of the fashion, changed to date. What is the role of the woman today? These and similar questions were posed by the students of the department for design in seminars from Prof Dr. Anna Zika (theory and art science), Willemina Hoenderken (fashion design) and Nils Hoff (illustration). During the seminars, textile creations, objects, drawings, animations and graphic novels were created, which were displayed from 18 June 2015 in the Museum Huelsmann für Kunst und Design.

In co-operation with Sonja Mense I designed the associated exhibition catalogue which, listed the exhibits of the individual students on several double pages. By means of various essays amongst others, covering the »Biedermeiermode«, »Scheiternde Frauen« or the author »George Sand«, the life attitude of women around 1850 was additionally highlighted. The illustrations which were produced especially for the catalogue were produced by Robert Lohmann and Sven Olde. The catalogue consists of 132 pages and is of a 210 x 266 mm format.